ASTRIC Project - Selected introductory public documents and images  

The Only Way Forward is through True Full internationbal Collaboration -
Putting nationalism aside for once and for all in matters that Can Affect ALL

And while the following (below) is now quite Not likely to occur,
we must be prrepared to others than can be dangerous to life on Earth.


(Please note carefully that any references to examples such as 99942 Apophis may be outdated now. Some years ago, it did appear that the risk of a natural orbital adjustment during the upcoming 2029 pass-by could cause this asteroid to have a high risk of collision with Earth in 2036 or even 2068. The evidence thus far (through early 2022 at least) is fairly strong that such a risk does Not exist, at least looking at future orbital approaches of this particular asteroid through the rest of the current 21st century. However... There can be others. And we must plan ahead...)

Astro Terrestrial Remote Interaction and Control

Asteroid Reconaissance Intervention and Control

The Core Project within

Earth Renaissance Program of TETRAD Institute
(Astro-Terrestrial (Space-Oriented) Cybernetics and Intelligent Engineering Systems)

constituting the work of

ASTRIC Laboratory
for Space-Based Intelligent Engineering Systems

Here is a brief selection:

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