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  • ASTRIC = Astro-Terrestrial Remote Interaction and Control (also its original description: Asteroid Reconnaissance, Intervention and Control). ASTRIC is focused upon cooperative robotics for asteroid (and other space-object) operations including mining, terraforming and trajectory alteration for planetary defense and specifically the avoidance of impact collisions with Earth and other objects in space.
  • Current ASTRIC is developing and refining the control and optimization algorithms ands software modules, and the data aggregation and assessment modules, for use with ASTRIC robots which are also now progressing from models into phase-1 prototypes. Contact for up-to-date information and discussion on collaboration.
We - all of us - need ASTRIC operating in Space, and every single minute counts now!
Less than ten (10) years for the Optimal Action to Change the Trajectory of one particularly dangerous asteroid!

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